3_views-small-xxx Cedar Bat Boxes
Grower: Rainshadow Connections
Price: $45.00 ( Each)
%> Available (Estimated): 2

Handmade all cedar, 2 chamber bat box, 12" x 24" Will accommodate 100 local small brown bats Bats are very sensitive to chemical odors. Our boxes contain no paint or other chemicals, no metal or plastic screening. Bats found in the United States feed exclusively on insects. A bat feasting on moths, mosquitoes, beetles and other insects can eat one half of its body weight in one night! Backyard bats will help reduce insect pests that bother you and your garden plants. A typical summer colony of 100 bats feeding 200 days will consume more than 2200 pounds of insects or approximately 600,000,000 bugs! As hollow trees are cut down, bat boxes, such as this, are needed for bats to survive. This is especially true in April to August when females are looking for safe and quiet places to give birth and raise their pups. Both the mothers and newborns are very sensitive to being disturbed.

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