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HELP!! Work Exchange Weeding Party at Nash's Organic Produce

This post expired on August 19, 2015.

hey folks
Its not often we are in such a production pinch at Nash’s, but my-oh-my we are seriously behind on weeding our winter carrot rotations. In an effort to keep our labor expenses more in check this year, we have employed just a few less people, which we are seriously feeling the hurt for right now!

Late august is kinda like the “perfect storm” on the farm. Not only are we still direct seeding, irrigating, weeding, and marketing, but harvest has hit HIGH GEAR as we pull/pack carrots for PCC Natural Markets, and all the little things like zukes, cukes, beans, tomatoes, and more are all finally ready to harvest. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Our field crews are total rock-stars, working 12-15 hours days when needed to get it all done…but it’s not enough! We are dangerously behind on weeding, and our 26 beds of winter carrots hang in the balance.

WHEN: Monday 8/20, 8am-10am

WHERE: Meet at the packing shed, 1865 E. Anderson Rd. and we’ll head over to the Clapp Field together

WHAT TO BRING: Work clothes, water, snacks, sun protection, kneepads (if needed), large spoon (an excellent hand weeding tool!), THIN work gloves (if desired. Clapp field has nice sandy soil, easy pulling weeds instead of thick/heavy dirt!)

WHAT TO LEAVE AT HOME: Children, people with bad back/knees, dogs

WHAT TO EXPECT: Being on your hands and knees, crawling down a row of 8" tall carrots, weeding, weeding, weeding. Taking breaks to stand/stretch as needed. More weeding. Drinking water as needed, more weeding…

WHAT YOU’LL GET IN RETURN: An awesome workout, camaraderie, deeper appreciation for how your food is grown, and our eternal THANKS! Oh, AND when we’re done, we’ll LOAD EVERYONE UP with several huge bags of awesome produce!!

Thanks for considering joining us on Monday…we really appreciate it! RSVP to me at the shed if you can make it, 681-7458 or respond to this email.

AND THANKS for passing the word along to able-bodied friends you know who could help out and want to get in on the free veggies!!!

kia & sid

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