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Garlic is our main crop. This year we planted 27 varieties totaling about 1300 bulbs, including some elephant “garlic” (actually a leek). The garlic is fully cured and ready to eat.

HARDNECK VARIETIES: We are partial to small, flavorful hardnecks and grew 19 varieties this year:

Purple Stripes: Bogatyr, Brown Tempest, Chesnok Red, Metechi, Persian Star, Siberian, and Vekak.

Porcelains: Armenian, Georgia Crystal, Georgia Fire, Music Pink, Russian Giant, and Susan D.
(Susan D. was a new variety for us this year and is a beautiful bulb!)

Rocamboles: Carpathian, Juan de Fuca Wonder, Killarney Red, Sandpoint, and Nash’s Delta Giant

SOFTNECK VARIETIES: These are nice for braiding. We grew 8 different kinds:

Artichokes: Inchelium Red, Polish White, Sicilian, and Transylvanian.
(Inchelium and Polish are my best performers in this group. They are kind of a lumpy looking bulb with lots of cloves.)

Asians: Japanese and Asian Tempest
(Even though these grow scapes, they are classified as a subcategory of the Artichokes.)

Silverskins: Silver Rose and Silver White

Contact me also if you are interested in culinary herbs (thyme, rosemary, savory, hyssop, sage, mint, oregano, marjoram, lemon balm, parsley, etc.), which I have in relatively small quantities (i.e., no quarter acres). I also grow a few dye plants (madder, coreopsis, skullcap, sunflowers, hollyhocks, weld, lady’s bedstraw, golden Margeurite, and others). Contact me for availability. I am open to trades.

I also have more than my share of morning glory and quackgrass.

My regular website is

Thanks for your support!

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